About me


Who, what , why ?

Hello, my name is Georgina (Georgie for short). My main passion in life is fitness and health (after food, make up, clothes and cute pictures of cats) so think of this blog as my open training book or diary. Somewhere I can share my sessions with and keep track of my progression. I’ve never tracked macros and I’ve never kept any diary of what i train in the gym so having this will be something new and interesting for me to help me reach my goals of 2019 (hopefully).

I’ve wanted to start a blog for the whole of 2018 and have been putting it off for one main reason being dyslexic. Writting a blog can be quiet difficult for myself and embarassing if my grammar and punctuation isnt perfect. Practice makes perefct and I can only improve on this, so please be kind ;).

Since I’m a complete newbie I will be changing and adding to this little bio but any questions or ideas is always welcome on this fitness blog journey.