Chest day today and omg did I feel it best part of today is we are officially going on holiday to Sal Cape Verde on Friday 1st so time to get in the best shape. I can in a week. Workout 10 minute rower Rotator cuff and chest warm up Bench press and standing plate press Incline dumbbell chest press Bicep curls Incline dumbell chest flys single Machine chest flys Cable triceps pulls Continue reading Thursday


Back to work today and it wasn’t too bad full of cold though so decided not to do a run and instead do HITT training on the bike and a couple of circuits. Food Diary Kidney beans, tofu and English muffin Sweet potato rice curry dish King prawn and chicken noodle Workout HITT training on the bike for 20 minutes, Sprint for the first 10 minutes then heavy for next 10 minutes. Circuit Jumping Squats Medicine ball slambs Walking planks with tuck One leg dead life jumps Abdominal Circuit Jackknife weighted Starfish crunches Crunch pulse Plank oblique twists Continue reading Wednesday.


My day off today and its been really nice having the day to my self except coming down with a cold for half the day feels like most of the day was a right off but I do feel so much better tonight. Went back to Fosse park to return few bits, dropped off towels at the RSPCA and did a leg workout with a nap to finish. Food Dairy Cheerios Two chicken sandwiches Popcorn Cold and flu teas and a carton of apple juice Pork burgers and oven veggies Workout Dumbbell straight leg dead lift lunges curtsey lunges heavy … Continue reading Tuesday.


My back has improved so much since the beginning of the year extremely happy with my progress with it so far. Thank god I have friends that shout it out at the gym taking those photos ❤ Food diary tofu, english muffin and avocado chicken chunky soup bcaa ham sandhwich and lentil crisps fizzy belt sweets Upper Body Workout 10 minute rower rotator cuff warmup Arnold press – single arm holding one dumbbell flys font raise dumbbell row cable lat raise face pulls cable twists Continue reading Monday.


17.02.19 So I’ve had a little time off from blogging and I’m starting to feel a lot more motivated now and starting to put a routine together with my training finally after 2 weeks of being super inconsistent so for this blog, Monday and Tuesday it will b sort ones of food diary and workout. Food diary is not going so great right now. Food Diary Morning was fasted so my first meal was 13:30 Tofu, kidney beans, chicken chilli sauce wrap with sweet potatoe Starbucks Mango lemonda tea Pork sunday dinner night time snack popcorn Workout HITT and Abs … Continue reading Sunday.

Eat. Sleep. Tan. Train.

This week seems to have really drag but I can guarantee that tonight and tomorrow will fly by like usual. Today after work I decided to train again as I have missed two training session this week. After yesterday I still felt like doing more upper body and I bashed my leg into some towel cages on Friday and it killed so I think maybe give my legs a rest and do a little more upper body and lats today. Work was quiet so got a few admin bits done and dusted and just before the gym I had some … Continue reading Eat. Sleep. Tan. Train.


Nice day to but not a lot to say except from how tired I am going to work tomorrow and playing crazy gold ending the day with a Chinese takeaway. I will have to do this tomorrow as I am now falling asleep but I did copy my shoulder workout from ages ago so here it is enjoy ❤ Warmup: Rower 10 minutes Rotator cuff warm as usual – I do this every time I do upper body see last Tuesday 😉 Arnold Press Reverse Dumbell Flys on a incline bench dumbell rows into hip (Low Rows) Continue reading Tired

Whats ​meant to be will be

is life suppose to get more and more stressful as you get older or is there a point where you learn to just live with it or deal with it. Any way my day didnt quiet go to plan, so Ill just have to try a little harder next time which is no problem really. For todau I did nothing but eat extreamly well and I’ve seemed to go back on my training but better at eating. If anyone has any tips on how to deal with stress or changing in jobs or thought of what to do in the … Continue reading Whats ​meant to be will be