Nice day to but not a lot to say except from how tired I am going to work tomorrow and playing crazy gold ending the day with a Chinese takeaway. I will have to do this tomorrow as I am now falling asleep but I did copy my shoulder workout from ages ago so here it is enjoy ❤ Warmup: Rower 10 minutes Rotator cuff warm as usual – I do this every time I do upper body see last Tuesday 😉 Arnold Press Reverse Dumbell Flys on a incline bench dumbell rows into hip (Low Rows) Advertisements Continue reading Tired

Whats ​meant to be will be

is life suppose to get more and more stressful as you get older or is there a point where you learn to just live with it or deal with it. Any way my day didnt quiet go to plan, so Ill just have to try a little harder next time which is no problem really. For todau I did nothing but eat extreamly well and I’ve seemed to go back on my training but better at eating. If anyone has any tips on how to deal with stress or changing in jobs or thought of what to do in the … Continue reading Whats ​meant to be will be

Day to myself

Everything was deleted ahhhhhh So today was the perfect day for me I had peace and quiet with everything I wanted to do done and dusted. Started the day of with some cleaning around the house and then went into town to drop a dress off at the dry cleaners and got my nails redone. A nice nutral pink colour then I walked the dog did a long leg day workout, finsihed with some shopping at Aldi. Leg Day Workout Warm up: 15 minute cross trainer Straight leg dead lift 10×4 Back lunges 10×4 Cable pull throughs 20×3 Cable Twist … Continue reading Day to myself

Shop till I drop

Today I have a few important decisions to make in the next week thank god I have my family, boyfriend and friends to help me because its been a little tough but recently feels like things are finally coming together and what better way than to distract myself then shopping. I bought a hell of a lot of stuff today all from Pretty Little Thing and Primark. The perfect place to get loads of stuff for cheap kind of fast fashion pieces like a neon top for crazy gold this weekend. Just waiting for the man to finish Fifa and … Continue reading Shop till I drop

Alpha Alphalete

10/02/19 https://alphalete.eu Since I missed my blog on Friday I thought to make up for it and still have the same amount of blogs I would do two on Sunday and finally do my Alphalete review on here. Last time I did a review on here it was with Gymshark and recently I’ve been buying more and more from Alphalete. I have most of the leggings now, hoodie and sports bras. Their women’s range is nowhere close as big as Gymshark but what they do have is amazing. I can’t seem to rank them from best to worse however from … Continue reading Alpha Alphalete

HITT and Sprints

10/02/19 Had such good lie in this morning didn’t get out of bed till 10am, breakfast made and lunch made this morning for the man, quick hour at the gym and a nice walk before watching the six nations. Feeling very tired now and my legs are feeling like jelly now after my Sunday HITT training, these hill sprints really take it out of me. For food today this morning started with granola and a coffee, and for lunch, it was 1/4 avocado, English muffin and two slices of ham. All that’s left for the day is my Sunday dinner … Continue reading HITT and Sprints