Monday Motivation


Not every Monday has to be a drag, felt like I cried so much last week I just got rid of all my negaivity for the month of February so this month should and will be only positive. This will be my last litle bit of how im feeling now for the rest of the week becuase there is nothing more to say than I’m happy.

My workout today was before work so I could come home and fake tan twice and pop some fake freckles on. Tonight is also the first night I’m starving and craving anything snacky so might have to go downstairs after this for a packet of crips.


  1. Warm up – Treadmill 5 minutes
  2. Rotator cuff warm up
  3. Militry press
  4. Bent over row
  5. Lat pull down
  6. Cable cross
  7. Rear delt flys
  8. Cable lat raise

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