Listening Tuesday


As the day has gone I started to feel more and more sick or not quiet right. Last night and tonight now I have had an off tsomatch but im sure i havnt eaaten anythingmajor. Time for a proper food diary now i guess theres no way around it any more. I really want to go outas well this friday and i wont let it stop me. I hsd the day off from the gym, listen to my body and go to bed tonight Update you tomrrow whilst im getting my hair done

Night xx


Following on from yesterday –

What I should have done if I was feeling better was my 5km run but last week I didn’t do it and this week it looks like I might not have the motivation to do that but let’s think positive now because I might have a double espresso after work on Friday and get it done before my night out. I did feel slightly guilty not going to the gym yesterday but I feel more frustrate that I still don’t feel very well and its becoming part of the norm for me, when really it shouldn’t be. I defiantly need an allergy test which seems to take a long time to even book (I have private health care so this shouldn’t be the case). The thing is I’m more than happy to pay if it means I can get more answers quicker and I will make all the changes needed even if it means only eating plain basic foods I’m pretty sure I can find nice things to eat on a strict diet, I just want to know what’s going on that’s all. I said I wouldn’t moan but here I am.

Stress just seems to be piling up one by one so holiday is more than needed now. Figures cross my boyfriend gets his passport done on time or else it might have to be a trip to London or even Edinburgh, always wanted to go to Scotland. 


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