New Hair New me New attitude


There is nothing better than a day to yourself. Where I can sit in the hair salon get my hair done meet my friend after and her beautiful new puppy. Possible get my nails done (thinking red or pink) then a sprint class and legs at the gym later with my mum. I don’t think mum will ever understand how much fun beautifying yourself will be because she sees it more as a chore. All I want from today is to be left alone to allow myself to enjoy my day off instead of feeling stressed like last week.

For my hair today I’m going blonder and shorter ready for my night out on Friday, which I’m refusing to buy anymore clothes for that night out because I have way too many. Last week was cancelled due to me so this week will be a better on for sure. I’ve accidently fasted this morning but lunch with my friend today should make up for it now. Tonight is veggie burgers and a quick trip to Aldi for tomorrows food as well, I seemed to have over bought the past few weeks but our diet has improved with snacking mostly because of my allergies.

Workout for today is:

Les Mills Sprint class – 30-minute-high intensity cycle class to help me sweat and make up for yesterdays missed session.

Leg and Booty

  1. Dumbbell straight leg deadlift
  2. Dumbbell front squats
  3. Lunges Bar under leg
  4. Good mornings
  5. Cable kick backs

I then attempted pistol squats but I need help with these so used a swiss ball and the wall haha xxx


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