HITT and Sprints


Had such good lie in this morning didn’t get out of bed till 10am, breakfast made and lunch made this morning for the man, quick hour at the gym and a nice walk before watching the six nations. Feeling very tired now and my legs are feeling like jelly now after my Sunday HITT training, these hill sprints really take it out of me. For food today this morning started with granola and a coffee, and for lunch, it was 1/4 avocado, English muffin and two slices of ham. All that’s left for the day is my Sunday dinner cooked by the best chef in the house dad.

Circuit 1

  • 10 minute Hill Sprints

Circuit 2 – 10 Reps x 3 Sets

  • Hanging leg lift
  • Plank Oblique Twists
  • Toe touch crunches – legs straight
  • Bicycle

Circuit 3 – 30 seconds/10 Reps x 4 Sets

  • Stepper Side to Side
  • Stepper toe taps
  • Corkscrew
  • Single leg deadlift to knee drives

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