Alpha Alphalete

10/02/19 Since I missed my blog on Friday I thought to make up for it and still have the same amount of blogs I would do two on Sunday and finally do my Alphalete review on here. Last time I did a review on here it was with Gymshark and recently I’ve been buying more and more from Alphalete. I have most of the leggings now, hoodie and sports bras. Their women’s range is nowhere close as big as Gymshark but what they do have is amazing. I can’t seem to rank them from best to worse however from … Continue reading Alpha Alphalete

HITT and Sprints

10/02/19 Had such good lie in this morning didn’t get out of bed till 10am, breakfast made and lunch made this morning for the man, quick hour at the gym and a nice walk before watching the six nations. Feeling very tired now and my legs are feeling like jelly now after my Sunday HITT training, these hill sprints really take it out of me. For food today this morning started with granola and a coffee, and for lunch, it was 1/4 avocado, English muffin and two slices of ham. All that’s left for the day is my Sunday dinner … Continue reading HITT and Sprints

Back on it!

03/02/19 Sunday is my favourite day of the week. No alarm the morning, nice chilled breakfast with whatever I want, clean up a little bit before the gym then its chill time. The only downside to Sundays is that it goes way too fast and today was match day so didn’t get the full day with my man but that’s okay every once in a while ;). This week started pretty crappy but has ended pretty well. I got three workouts in this week finishing the week with HITT and Abs with maybe a quick walk after this blog goes … Continue reading Back on it!


02/02/19 Today was a Saturday so this should be my rest day but since I had most of the week off so far I thought I would pluck up the courage and try something different rather than my usual gym workouts. Step out my the comfort zone of my cycle class and tried sh’bam. A dancing class for a girl that has no rhythm at all. I have never felt so happy and uncomfortable in one class. When I first started the class I went right to the back in the corner and felt so shy like why the hell … Continue reading SH’BAM!

Third day off ā€‹?

28/01/2019 Never ever ever am I going to eat rice cakes again. So last night I was sick till about 11pm, with such bad stomach pain right up near my ribs wrapping around my back. This morning I woke up still feeling sick with the horrible pain. So I called in sick to work and stayed in bed till midday-ish till the pain subsided. I’ve had very plain food today so far toast and jam in the morning, pitta and humous, avocado, kiwi, raspberry salad and lentil chips. I have found in the past that if I don’t eat or … Continue reading Third day off ā€‹?


25/01/2019 Longest week of my life, I needed this day off just to get away from computers. This morning was so nice to get up have no washing or cleaning up to do, just chill out have breakfast (toast and jam) weekly Aldi food shopping wasn’t a thing this week. Next week I should have my Women’s Best chocolate protein and I’ve been researching different breakfast ideas so I might make chocolate overnight oats or a breakfast bar. Krissy Cela has some amazing food recipes on her Youtube channel that I’m going to start following. This morning I went into … Continue reading TGIF !

Boulder Shoulders

14/01/2019 This morning was a pretty productive day today. Felt like I did enough work and got my workout done this morning so I can chill out and have my kiddy meal for dinner. Im actually quiet proud of myself today with my eating. I had pitta and hummous for break ast and a really nice home made breakfast bar from a collgue (I’ll have toget the recipe and share it on here). Then i had my famous tuna lettauce tacos with chill mayonaise ontop <3. For dinner I had my first veggie nugget and chips like a kid haha. … Continue reading Boulder Shoulders

Gymshark Gymwear

12/01/2019 Saturday comes and goes way too fast but I do love a good pamper session. Boyfriend is at the football so it means all the peace and quiet for a good couple of hours to have facemasks, lush bath and wash my hair. So last week I talk about my diet and how I’m slowly changing it because of my recent known allergy to dairy, eggs and other foods. The one thing that has made me really excited now is the vegan option at M&S which I saw on a friends Instagram makes me very happy because I’ve missed … Continue reading Gymshark Gymwear

The 5km Killer

06.01.2019 Yesterday was the first day of putting this blog up in which I got comments on the page!! Iā€™m just happy that one person looks at the website and honestly I just thought it would be my boyfriend and my mum ;). Thank you for everyone that takes the time to even glance at this new baby blog. Just to make one thing clear I am not a Vegan, I am however taking steps slowly with my diet, changing and swapping certain foods for vegan alternatives. Hand on heart this really has made a big impact on my body … Continue reading The 5km Killer

Lululemon Legs

04.01.2019 Straight after work I got a workout in and focused on isolation exercises for glutes. I have part of the workout on my instagram that Ill link below but I should figure out tomrrow how to add phots and videos. If anyone can help me or give me tips on how to add photos from a MAC, beacuse I still have no clue. Motivation for today came from my new pair of Lululemons the grey camo full length wunder under leggings. Ive wanted them for so long after seeing my inspo Brittany Perille – I will get her back … Continue reading Lululemon Legs