Longest week of my life, I needed this day off just to get away from computers. This morning was so nice to get up have no washing or cleaning up to do, just chill out have breakfast (toast and jam) weekly Aldi food shopping wasn’t a thing this week. Next week I should have my Women’s Best chocolate protein and I’ve been researching different breakfast ideas so I might make chocolate overnight oats or a breakfast bar. Krissy Cela has some amazing food recipes on her Youtube channel that I’m going to start following.

This morning I went into town with one of my friends to buy couple bits from lush and have lunch in town. I’m going blonder in February so I wanted something to nourish my already damaged hair and for tomorrow nights dinner to have a treatment to get rid of any brassy, yellow tones. I was told the longer you leave it the better so I’ve had my Lush Bath (used jolly pudding bubble bar) and left my hair to marinate in Marilyn until tomorrow. I also bought Damaged hair oil which ill use next week before my hair appointment give it some life.

The best part of todays shopping trip was obviously the food. We walked past a doughnut shop called Doughnotts, and omg. If you have one near you, you need to try it. They do the biggest doughnuts I’ve ever seen and on Thursday they do all vegan doughnuts but on other days they have a few as well. Last time I had doughnuts must have been couple months now because I used to go with my best friend to a service station to get Starbucks and Krispy Kremes. Unfortunately, I can’t have them anymore so seeing these I had to buy two salted caramel and chocolate <3. For lunch we went to Grounded Kitchen, a Koren inspired nutrient-rich budda bowls in a really relaxed cafe environment. I’ve only had two dishes but they are amazing today I have the Gochujang Chicken & Avocado which I think was about 450 calories and before I’ve had the Buddha Bowl Vegan. Both amazing and both without dairy. By the time I finished shopping it was 2pm and I really didn’t want to train legs today but I did a little something to stretch everything out. Plus I would feel guilty not working out after tonights Chinese but really I wouldnt be that bothered.

Leg Workout – 4 sets x 8/10 reps

  1. Warm up: Incline walk
  2. Straight Leg Dumbbell deadlift
  3. Resistant bands lunges – always GraceFitUK
  4. Deadlifts
  5. Abdominal crunches
  6. Bulgarian split squats
  7. Frog Pumps
  8. Hip thrust

Abdominal Workout – 3 sets x 10 reps

  • Straight leg lift
  • Side plank crunches
  • Starfish crunches
  • Plank reach throughs

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