Boulder Shoulders


This morning was a pretty productive day today. Felt like I did enough work and got my workout done this morning so I can chill out and have my kiddy meal for dinner. Im actually quiet proud of myself today with my eating. I had pitta and hummous for break ast and a really nice home made breakfast bar from a collgue (I’ll have toget the recipe and share it on here). Then i had my famous tuna lettauce tacos with chill mayonaise ontop <3. For dinner I had my first veggie nugget and chips like a kid haha. I think slowly cutting downon my meat and dairy ( of course becuase ill blow up if I eat dairy) is a step in the right direction and cutting down better than doing nothing. I know that they sell quorn in Aldi now and M&S are doing a lot with vegan foods so its the perfect time to try it all out.

Today’s workout was a shoulder and back workout. I have asked someone at the gym to help me target my lower back with a bit of a HITT session. Obviously, I’ll share it once I try it out. I just feel like I have that under bra fat, so if anyone has any suggestion too please let me know.

Yesterdays sound therapy meditation class was absolutely amazing. I’ve never felt so relaxed and calm just from lying down and listening. It has made me see that it’s important to take time out of the day or week to have a space of your own thoughts. To release mental tension, I would recommend it to everyone and have recently just download HeadSpace on app so I can meditate at home.


Ginger and lemon tea with a sprinkle of brown sugar ā¤

Chop up the ginger into small chunks and lemon into slices. Pop into a cup and fill with water. Perfect. And for the first tea I added brown sugar for abit of a kick.


  • Warm up: 10 Minutes Rower
  • Rotator Cuff warm up ā€“ like every upper body
  • Arnold Press
  • Dumbbell Rows ā€“ Pull into the hip to target lower back
  • Cable single lat pull downs
  • Abdominal cable twists
  • Rear row delt
  • Assisted wide grip pull ups

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