Sunday Fun Day


Sunday fun day without the walkies and Starbucks. More of a Sunday clean up, cook and food shop kinda day. Don’t know why it has been super busy today but I’m currently in bed watching The Lion King and editing everything that was uploaded on here through the week. This morning I did my usual fasting before doing some LISS. The low-intensity cardio workout was; incline treadmill walk the highest incline at 15 and fast walk at 5kph for 45 minutes. I finished off today’s cardio session with some ladder drills and abs that I’ve never done before I might start to add a quick HITT session after my workouts when im not doing abs. I’ll pop the HITT circuit below and if anyone has any more suggestions on what to do please let me knowI’m interested in starting something a little new in the gym.

Tonight I’m on my way to something wayyyy out of my comfort zone and joining a meditation class for the charity Headway. It’s all to do with being immersed in the sounds around you whilst relaxing and let go of all stresses and from this week I think its something I need to try haha. Tomorrow I will have to tell you what happens in the class tonight really looking forward to it.

Below is the workout and this was all done as one set.
In total this was 3 Sets

HITT Ladder Drills
Jumping Squats – close then wide moving up and down the ladder
Walking Planks – hands walk inbetween each ladder
Ski Lunches – side to side between the ladder

Abdominal Workout
Leg Lift (10 Reps)
Toe Touches (10 Reps each side)
Starfish Crunches (10 Reps each side)
Crunch Pulses (10 Reps)

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