Sunday Fun Day

13/01/2019 Sunday fun day without the walkies and Starbucks. More of a Sunday clean up, cook and food shop kinda day. Don’t know why it has been super busy today but I’m currently in bed watching The Lion King and editing everything that was uploaded on here through the week. This morning I did my usual fasting before doing some LISS. The low-intensity cardio workout was; incline treadmill walk the highest incline at 15 and fast walk at 5kph for 45 minutes. I finished off today’s cardio session with some ladder drills and abs that I’ve never done before I … Continue reading Sunday Fun Day

Tomb Rader Training

09/01/2019 After this week it will be pretty obvious what days I train what because I’m a creature of habit. It was of course cardio day and a tiny bit of abs to finish with. But I finally start to track my food today and did miserable bad. I forgot to have my lunch again at workout so in total by dinner I ate 716 calories. With the snack of crips late at night added, probably wasn’t over 1000 calories for the day. Tomorrow I will be taking my break at 4 to have lunch and sit in a different … Continue reading Tomb Rader Training

The 5km Killer

06.01.2019 Yesterday was the first day of putting this blog up in which I got comments on the page!! I’m just happy that one person looks at the website and honestly I just thought it would be my boyfriend and my mum ;). Thank you for everyone that takes the time to even glance at this new baby blog. Just to make one thing clear I am not a Vegan, I am however taking steps slowly with my diet, changing and swapping certain foods for vegan alternatives. Hand on heart this really has made a big impact on my body … Continue reading The 5km Killer

Sweat it out Wednesday

02.01.2019 So Christmas and New Year have gone way too fast and now its back to reality, back at work but luckily working at a gym (especially this time of year) its pretty busy. I have set days of when I workout and for this year Imight change it up a little bit as I want to add more upper body days and cardio days ready for a holiday in February. More of a last mintue thing as long as its 7 days in the sun allinclusive I’m a happy bunny. I woke up this morning feeling really motivated and … Continue reading Sweat it out Wednesday