Sweat it out Wednesday


So Christmas and New Year have gone way too fast and now its back to reality, back at work but luckily working at a gym (especially this time of year) its pretty busy. I have set days of when I workout and for this year Imight change it up a little bit as I want to add more upper body days and cardio days ready for a holiday in February. More of a last mintue thing as long as its 7 days in the sun allinclusive I’m a happy bunny.

I woke up this morning feeling really motivated and ready for todays workout which was supprising since it was a 5km run – I havnt done in maybe 3 weeks now. Below is the cardio day and aborkout I did :


Warm up: Incline fast walk

Cardio: 5km Run – time was 30minutes and 28 seconds

Abdominal workout:

  1. Lying down hold weight in arms stretch out come into a crunch placing the weight on the shines and extendning the legs
  2. Toe taps crunching and only using the obliques to move side to side
  3. Hanging Leg Raises
  4. Side Leg Raises – like a normal leg raises lying on the ground however when coming up use the momentem to lift the glutes off the floor twisting your hips away from your body to crunch the obliques (momentum really helps this move)

Todays workout was nothing special however it got the job done a sweaty session for sure. After finishing work today I am absolutley shattered with a massive headache (hopefully not catching this cold everyone has). So im alredy snuggled up in bed ready to watch the US Office and fall asleep. Quick note to self tomrrow I need to start using my fitness pal again and be more strict with the foods im eating. Im nearly diagnosed of being lactose intollertent but that can a another story for another day – maybe saturday as tis is my rest day. So its good night from me and if the spelling and grammar is so so bad you cant understand anything I appolgise I’m going to reread this tomorrow and edit it ;).

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts – Eleanor Roosevelt


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