The Journey Begins with Leg Day


Happy New Year !

First training session of the year and first ever blog. I Found it really hard this morning to get myself out of bed and to the gym. After a week or so of eating whatever I wanted, it was time to get my ass in gear starting with a morning coffee (oat milk, one sugar) and a new years breakfast special ( waffels, syrup and raspberries)

Time to set a couple of goals for 2019 

  1. Start a fitness blog 
  2. Tone up espcially targeting my back 
  3. Get back into my university studies 
  4. Improve on my literacy skills – help is needed 


Today’s Leg day was a superset kinda day as I didn’t fancy spendng more than an hour on New Years day in the gym and would rather go for a nice long walk with my boyfriend and spend time with the family. 

  1. Warm up: Incline walk 10 minutes
  2. Warm up set: Front squats into Straight leg dead lift (dumbells)
  3. Good morning into side lunges  (barbell)
  4. Split squats (dumbells) into abdominal crunches 
  5. *Resistance knee squats (kettle bell) into cable abductors/abbductors
  6. Cool Down: Incline walk 5 minutes and stretch

* Hard to explain but have a restiant band around your waist attached to a cable machin. Take a few steps forward so your feel a pull and kneel down with your butt on your feet. come up onto your knees bulling the resistant band forward with your hip and squessing the glutes. I did this holding an 10kg kettlebell in front of my chest.

Now let us welcome the new year, full of thing that never were

– Rainer Maria Rilke


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