Jelly Legs

15/01/2019 Not sure who I am right now doing my blog in the middle of the day but I have done my legs this morning, recorded and took photos for Instagram. I like this little productive George. Since I’m going out for dinner tonight I’m going to get my top photographer i.e. my boyfriend to take a couple of photos of me first before he leaves for work, shower and get ready. Then tonight it’s double tan time. For today I did legs this morning and mainly focused on single leg exercises. Since I recorded the workout I was able … Continue reading Jelly Legs

The most relaxed day off ever

08/01/2019 Happy Tuesday! This morning I was up before 08:00 am to make breakfast and get ready to go get my hair done. I’ve been asking a few friends recently of what alternative to having in the morning with toast instead of eggs. I picked up a couple different spices and herbs to try out scrambled tofu. I picked up Clearspring Organic Tofu from Aldi couple days ago and tbh I was very suspicious at first. It looks hella weird when getting it out f the carton and for some reason, I thought it would be more solid?? It’s more … Continue reading The most relaxed day off ever

Lululemon Legs

04.01.2019 Straight after work I got a workout in and focused on isolation exercises for glutes. I have part of the workout on my instagram that Ill link below but I should figure out tomrrow how to add phots and videos. If anyone can help me or give me tips on how to add photos from a MAC, beacuse I still have no clue. Motivation for today came from my new pair of Lululemons the grey camo full length wunder under leggings. Ive wanted them for so long after seeing my inspo Brittany Perille – I will get her back … Continue reading Lululemon Legs

The Journey Begins with Leg Day

01.01.2019 Happy New Year ! First training session of the year and first ever blog. I Found it really hard this morning to get myself out of bed and to the gym. After a week or so of eating whatever I wanted, it was time to get my ass in gear starting with a morning coffee (oat milk, one sugar) and a new years breakfast special ( waffels, syrup and raspberries) Time to set a couple of goals for 2019  Start a fitness blog  Tone up espcially targeting my back  Get back into my university studies  Improve on my literacy … Continue reading The Journey Begins with Leg Day