Jelly Legs


Not sure who I am right now doing my blog in the middle of the day but I have done my legs this morning, recorded and took photos for Instagram. I like this little productive George. Since I’m going out for dinner tonight I’m going to get my top photographer i.e. my boyfriend to take a couple of photos of me first before he leaves for work, shower and get ready. Then tonight it’s double tan time. For today I did legs this morning and mainly focused on single leg exercises. Since I recorded the workout I was able to put still photos up to show what I did in the gym something a little different.

Food for the day

  • Breakfast: Two wheat-a-bid and a coffee
  • Lunch: Beans on Toast
  • Snack: Apple/Banana/Orange
  • Dinner: I’m going outtttt ( 2 for 1 meerkats


  1. Warm up: 10 Minute cross trainer
  2. Leg warm up: Smith machine narrow stance and sumo stance squats
  3. Single Leg Deadlifts
  4. Side Lunges
  5. Split Squats
  6. Skii Lunges
  7. Squat side to side abductor/adductors


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