My worst run of 2019


Why, why why ?? Why do I leave it till gone 10pm to try and write a blog like I dont struggle with english any way let alone when I’m tired. Today was problaly the worst run I have done so far this year. I did do my 5km in 30 minutes but it was a real struggle today, my legs were killing me from yesterday’s leg workout. Might have to change the days I do my 5km, I’m thinking of swapping Tuesday and Wednesday round (send help).

Food Diary

  • Breakfast: Beans on toast
  • Snacks: Apple
  • Snacks: Banana
  • Snacks: Apple and Crunchy peanut butter
  • Dinner: Chicken Wings

My food diary is so bad its embarrassing. The more I write down what I eat each day and upload it, I realise how bad it is. I need to make myself eat more and not snack late at night because I know I’ll have sweets in bed later on. I just love snacking rather than big meals, but its the bad things that I love to snack. Tomorrow I’m going to the hospital for a big two-hour checkup for allergies and for my blood to be taken. Not sure how long the results take but once I have them I’ll be able to explain in more detail what its all about. Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow and eats better than me.


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