Peck Deck Thursday


Short and sweet today because it’s my day off tomorrow  so all I did today was go hospital in the morning and work late. I was able to squeeze in a quick bit of chest before work and a small breakfast at asda. For my hospital appointment (which went really well) I had to fast for 10 hours so breakfast was a little later but I tried my quorn sausages and beans at the asda café and it was really nice to go on my own for a bit and have my own space reminds me of when I used to work in the library at university in peace.

Just a simple workout today and good news  I have had 3 main meals today and tracked them all. I’ve been using LifeSum App on my phone which has been going really well next thing to concur is drinking water.  


  • Warmup: Rower 5 minutes
  • Dumbell scoops
  • Incline chest flys
  • Cable chest flys
  • Chest press
  • Plate Press
  • Superman
  • Cable oblique twist

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