Light Legs Baby !


Sometimes its just nice to stretch out the legs and do some light workout. Put your headphones in and ignore the world – or try too at least. Today I used nothing more than 15kg and my grace fit resistance bands (pink). My legs have been killing me since Tuesday’s workout and my run on Wednesday. I have no idea what I did that was different except focusing on one leg exercises. If you want your legs to hurt for a good couple of day’s I would suggest to checking that blog out. Thank god I won’t be doing legs till Tuesday now give me some time to rest up. Enjoy the workout.


  • Straight leg dead lift
  • dumbbell front squat
  • Good morning
  • Lunges with resistance bands – no weights
  • Hamstring curls using swiss ball
  • TRX jacknknife crunches
  • Toe touches

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