Random Chit Chat


I’ve had another relaxing Saturday. Work in the morning, shopping in the
afternoon and date night tonight with a lot of food and lactose tablets. This
week I went to a private hospital through my work benefits to find out more
about my general health and maybe get some insight on the problems
I’ve been having on my digestive system – once I get the results I can go into
more detail. This week I’ve been feeling pretty good, until Friday.  Over
the past two day’s I’ve gone back to feeling bloated again and the
only thing I had that was out of the norm was a handful (no more than 10)
maltesers. How can 10 of those make me feel like this ? so unfair? I’m
pretty sure its mostly crisp! Probably my own fault tbh I know I shouldn’t
be eating them really but the temptation is real.

I have a couple of birthday meals and a night out soon and I’m scared
of drinking anything with alcohol in, just encase it upsets my stomach again – hangovers are one thing but stomach pains for days and being sick isn’t fun.If
anyone has any ideas of what to drink, that’s easier on the digestive system
when going out please let me know. I know I will probably have to start getting used to the idea of not drinking much anymore if the pain continues and it’s not like I have to drink to go out. Just seems annoying something so small can irritate me for a couple of days. Slowly I’ll learn my lesson. I have just found a link about different drinks for people suffering from IBS, I guess it can’t hurt to follow the rules and see how I feel. I have also decided to no
longer drink fizzy/carbonated drinks anymore

1. because teeth

2.trying to loose weight

3.too much seems to irritate me.



The tests that I did have at the hospital where very usufully and once I get my proper results back in about 2 weeks I can go through it all on here and share my experience. They did tell me my stats which are:

  • Height: 162cm
  • Weight: 57kg
  • Body Fat: 23%
  • Bust: 35 inch
  • Waist: 27 inch
  • Hips: 38 inch
  • UK Size 6/8

I need to get ready for my date night tonight so I might add to this blog tomorrow (I decided I wasn’t going to add to this because I have three new things coming this week so review on 26/01/19) with my review of a kinda new brand that I have been absolultey loving as well as most of their athletes. Alphalete Athletics Clothing is my new obsession. I have seven of their leggings now the revival leggings , merdian leggings and meridian pocket leggings all I’m missing is the criss cross leggings and every time I see Ally FitFreak ( Althlete with Alphalete) I want a pair because they look so good on her. I love them so much they fit like a glove all squat proof from light lilac to forest green. Im prettysure once I have my new pair youll see them all over my insta.

Have a good night everyone ❤


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