Tricep Thursday


Long day to day at work but was able to get a upper body workout in just before work. My meals have been alot better today and water in take as Ive downloaded the app Lifesum, If any one has any suggestions of another app let me know because I’m thinkning of paying for the premium app to helpwith my new diagnosed allergy to milk and eggs (laughs sarcastically).

Tomorrow is leg day again and Im still killing from Tuesdays leg day and cardio yesterday as well as my abs so Im unsure what Ill do tomorrow but after a decent lunch out in town I should have enough energy to do some light leg isolation moves and record this for instagram. With my goals so far I have been updated to date with my post on instagram and I have been posting on here so im pretty proud but I need to get into a habbit of doing my blog before I start work instead of starting this at 10pm at night when Im up again at 5am. So spelling mistakes here I come and I didnt check last nights post either but that can be tomorrow goal as well as checking this one. Hopefully the workouts are clear so if anyone is interested they have a little look. Enjoy and good night xx

Workout  4 Sets 10/15 Reps

  • Warm up: Rower on level 10 for 5 minutes
  • Quad Set: Rotator cuff raises/flys and chest scoop
  • Dumbell Row
  • Cable Low Rows
  • Super ser: Cable Bicep curls and tricep push downs
  • Super set: Chest Press into Supermans

If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one – Dolly Parton


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