Third day off ​?

28/01/2019 Never ever ever am I going to eat rice cakes again. So last night I was sick till about 11pm, with such bad stomach pain right up near my ribs wrapping around my back. This morning I woke up still feeling sick with the horrible pain. So I called in sick to work and stayed in bed till midday-ish till the pain subsided. I’ve had very plain food today so far toast and jam in the morning, pitta and humous, avocado, kiwi, raspberry salad and lentil chips. I have found in the past that if I don’t eat or … Continue reading Third day off ​?

Not my best Day with a bit of back

10/01/2019 Having one of those days when someone breathing could irritate you, but I did perk up at 7 pm, an hour before my shift finished so might have something to do with that. Anywho I’ve tracked my food for today and did better than yesterday but worse with water so give it another go. Had tofu and toast this morning and mushroom soup in the day. Workout Warmup: Rower 10 minutes Rotator cuff warm as usual – I do this every time I do upper body see last Tuesday 😉 Arnold Press Reverse Dumbell Flys on a incline bench … Continue reading Not my best Day with a bit of back

HITT them Chesticles

07/01/2019 Just another Monday. I defiantly woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning with the Monday blues, but tomorrow is my day off! Today I worked, worked out and ate the same meals (King Prawn Lettuce Tacos). Since I was running late for work it only gave me 40 minutes to workout and 5 minutes to get ready work – was not looking my best that day. So I deiced to change my routine and train chest instead of my usual back and shoulder. Monday was going to be my motivational day, to start back the … Continue reading HITT them Chesticles

Tricep Thursday

03.01.2019 Long day to day at work but was able to get a upper body workout in just before work. My meals have been alot better today and water in take as Ive downloaded the app Lifesum, If any one has any suggestions of another app let me know because I’m thinkning of paying for the premium app to helpwith my new diagnosed allergy to milk and eggs (laughs sarcastically). Tomorrow is leg day again and Im still killing from Tuesdays leg day and cardio yesterday as well as my abs so Im unsure what Ill do tomorrow but after … Continue reading Tricep Thursday