HITT them Chesticles


Just another Monday. I defiantly woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning with the Monday blues, but tomorrow is my day off! Today I worked, worked out and ate the same meals (King Prawn Lettuce Tacos). Since I was running late for work it only gave me 40 minutes to workout and 5 minutes to get ready work – was not looking my best that day. So I deiced to change my routine and train chest instead of my usual back and shoulder. Monday was going to be my motivational day, to start back the classes that I used to love like Les Mills Sprint class but I can start that another time this week. I’m slowly upping my cardio wanting to get a little learner for my holiday for the end of February.

I’m thinking of doing a before and after picture for the blog to keep me accountable for getting leaner for the holiday. This Saturday instead of doing my original plan of a review of Gymshakr leggings, but I might change my mind. I don’t weigh myself a lot but I know I’m around 57kg to 60kg and wear an extra small/small leggings and small on top. My goal isn’t to get into a smaller dress size, I just want to see more definition in my abs and my back epically, as this is probably my biggest insecurity.

“If this goes up without the workout I’m so sorry my laptop keeps deleting everything. I will continue this tomorrow when it is all sorted.” – 08.01.2019 Yesterday was not my day

Enjoy my superset / HITT chest workout. 


All exercises where supersets with 30 seconds/ 1minute rest.

3 Sets x 10 Reps

  • Warmup: Rower 2 minutes
  • Superset: Lateral raise and front raises 
  • Superset: Incline dumbbell bench press and flat dumbbell bench press 
  • Superset: Chest Press and Chest Fly’s 
  • Superset: Cable Scoops and superman 

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