Not my best Day with a bit of back


Having one of those days when someone breathing could irritate you, but I did perk up at 7 pm, an hour before my shift finished so might have something to do with that. Anywho I’ve tracked my food for today and did better than yesterday but worse with water so give it another go. Had tofu and toast this morning and mushroom soup in the day.


  • Warmup: Rower 10 minutes
  • Rotator cuff warm as usual – I do this every time I do upper body see last Tuesday 😉
  • Arnold Press
  • Reverse Dumbell Flys on a incline bench
  • dumbell rows into hip (Low Rows)

Emotional Moment (don’t read if you cba with me moaning about nothing hahaha)

Honestly, I don’t even want to talk much about what I did for a workout today. I feel like if I type out what I’m feeling it might help because I don’t usually get stressed or anxious about much. Recently with my university studies, it’s just getting worse and worse and tbh there’s not even much I can do or say to change it. I recently left a masters degree in adult nursing 3 months before qualifying because I did not pass a piece of coursework. Of course, I understand it’s me who has failed but still doesn’t make it feel less upsetting. I have now have applied to finish my degree somewhere else and waiting for confirmation at the beginning of February to see if I’m allowed to finish my degree. But now I don’t know if I’m falling out of love with the degree, and looking for other options. I know by Septemeber I will be fine but right now just feels like I have disappointed everyone and I’m not moving on with my life.


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