Gymshark Gymwear


Saturday comes and goes way too fast but I do love a good pamper session. Boyfriend is at the football so it means all the peace and quiet for a good couple of hours to have facemasks, lush bath and wash my hair. So last week I talk about my diet and how I’m slowly changing it because of my recent known allergy to dairy, eggs and other foods. The one thing that has made me really excited now is the vegan option at M&S which I saw on a friends Instagram makes me very happy because I’ve missed coleslaw haha.

Anyway, this week is my day off from the gym so I thought I would review a gym clothing range, a famous one that I think everyone knows and I have been wearing for years now Gymshark. I do want to say I wear more than just Gymshark and at the minute I have more leggings from another company. I will talk about next week as I will be buying more from them on launch day. Going from my least favourite range to my favourite range I will go through the whys and what of each range – disclaimer I have bought everything and in order to afford everything a lot of the time I buy and sell on Deepop.

  1. Energy Seamless Collection

Even though I know loads of people love this range and it flatters absolutely everyone especially my mum who I gave all the leggings too. I bought this range when they first came out and they really don’t suit me. The high waisted part went to just below my bra, squashes my booty, and made me look kinda boxy/ no shape to me. I defiantly think this range suits slimmer and taller girls. The sports bras did nothing for me either making me look flat chested with huge shoulders ( not that I don’t want nice shoulders).

2. Fit Collection

I absolutely love these colours and maybe its because I bought the wrong size but most of the time the leggings are sheer. I understand they are not made to be in the gym and the most recent pair I bought where great up until the waist then the where huge not sure if this is because of my fault buying the wrong size, it’s defiantly not a collection that catches my eye.

3. Slounge Collection

The hoodies and tops in this collection are a must-have and I love pairing my hoodies with the flex leggings as a lot of the colours seem to be in the same colour wave to mix and match. I have never tried the leggings in this range but I defiantly have my eye on the grey ones as they look amazing. I think they would be good for yoga or something move slow moving at the gym as the sweat marks for me could get interesting. Sizing wise as there is less stretch I would stay true and be small.

4. Vital Seamless

This one was tough as I will now only buy the long sleeved tops from this range. Hands down they have been my favourite from day one and have still not found a make that can top these bras or cropped long sleeved tops <3. They are more than worth the money and have matched with everything from Gymshark and other ranges. I have one pair of leggings from this range and they hug the body not making it feel tight, and back in the day I loved the booty contour that they had, hoping they bring them back

5. Flex Collection

This has to be my favourite range as these right now are the only leggings that I am wearing right now from Gymshark right now I have the old school first addition ones and I will be buying the new high waisted ones as well. I especially love wearing mine (blue ones) with long sleeved tops the booty contour is to die for.


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