Alpha Alphalete


Since I missed my blog on Friday I thought to make up for it and still have the same amount of blogs I would do two on Sunday and finally do my Alphalete review on here. Last time I did a review on here it was with Gymshark and recently I’ve been buying more and more from Alphalete. I have most of the leggings now, hoodie and sports bras. Their women’s range is nowhere close as big as Gymshark but what they do have is amazing. I can’t seem to rank them from best to worse however from what I have from the collection the one thing I could like without is the sports bras. Both the leggings are so different that I can’t compare which ones I prefer I think it just comes down to personal preference really. But hands down the most underrated piece from Alphalete id the hoodies ❤ All of this is my own oppinion and not sponsered all bought.

Revival Leggings

The first item that I think of when I hear Alphalete is the revival leggings. I must have nearly all of the colours now apart from two which are the Jade Green and these beautiful leggings called Dress Blue which I am defiantly on the hunt for. Once I have these two colours I will have the whole collection. Slightly obsessed but I’ve never had so many compliments then I have when I first started wearing these leggings. They are all block colours with a few lines on the leggings slightly to compliment the glutes, thighs and calfs slightly lighter than the rest of the leggings. I have a couple of lighter colours and I am more than comfortable in squatting in all of the leggings that I have, never experienced anyone laughing behind me so can only assume that they are not see through. All are high waisted to keep you sucked in with the Alphalete logo knitted in the back so that it never cracks or peel which really irritates me and I end up just rubbing it off anyway which happens a lot to other gym clothing brands. These are defiantly the leggings to choose if you are a first-time buyer, would say though if you’re like me and a little short (5’3) you might have to turn them up. They are my extremely stretchy, flexible and perfect for any workout. I have one pair in XS and the only difference I see between XS and S is the band rolls just a little bit down on my waist but I wore my XS today whilst doing hill sprints and them where perfect. Another point to make was in some of the colours the brighter ones for me there is more camel toe butt it’s not to a point where it bothers me that much.

Merdian Leggings

From the most recent launch of Alphalete, I bought two of the meridian leggings one with the pocket and one plain. The plain one I bought in Meta Grey and the pocket one I bought in Trinity Blue. They are completely different from the other leggings with different material different shape everything. They are more of a buttery feel to them and not as compressing, looking back because I am between sizes I could have downsized to an XS in the plain leggings but they still fit perfectly. Still high waisted with the logo printed at the back have not experienced any peeling or cracking at all. Out of the two, I do prefer the palin leggings as the pocket ones because of the seam around the tighs can be a little tighter so I would stay true to size with the pocket leggings. My favourite thing about Alphalete leggings is that they spend more time on the material and fit then colour because of that whats most important especially for me. completely squat proof extremely soft, with four-way stretch. A perfect pair of leggings and I cannot wait for what they have in store next.

Wraparound Sports Bra

Defiantly not for you if your a little shy at the gym or have big boobs. But for a more fashion look for the gym, these bras look really nice. I have mine in grey and lilac, wearing them only when I train weight not cardio or any kind of HITT training. They have a quad strap design with adjustable straps so that they fit perfect with removable pads. These are the only bras I have from Alphatlete but if you’re looking for something a little saucy 😉 give them a try . I’ve seen on Instagram some of the women wearing them out as well.

Camo Cropped Hoodie

Because of Alphalete, I have an obsession for cropped hoodies and I now only wear these to the gym with a sports bra under. I usually warm up with the hoodie and then just wear the sports bra for my workout. I am thinking of selling my long sleeved tops because I don’t ever wear them anymore. But the hoodie I have from Alphalete is an amazing big huge hoodie, perfectly cropped with ultrasoft fleece inside perfect for Enlgand. The outside is slight spongey but these hands down is the best hoodie I own and n the camo range is the best looking. I so so so badly wanted the camo leggings and tried to order them 3 times and each time I would miss out :'(. This hoodie can be worn in and outside of the gym with a nice pair of leggings. Really are a staple piece to my growing collection.

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