09/02/19 There is a first for everything and yesterday for. The first time I forgot to up load. And I only just realised tonight when I said comming home from. Nandos I need to do my blog. It was good though because I feel. Like some days when I write I don’t have that much to say but yesterday I went out for my friend’s birthday and it was such a good night. Best part was that I had no fizzy drinks kept it to about 4 drinks all night felt fresh for work today at 8am. Best part of … Continue reading Nandos


07/02/19 Does anyone else complain about there work more than me on here haha. swear the most tiring work is being stuck on a computer all day my mind goes to mush but at least I got my workout in today feeling pretty good with my chest workout from this morning. Workout Warm up: 5 minute rower Rotator cuff Incline close grip chest press Incline dumbell flys Plate press Dumbell cross overs Cable flys I’m pretty sure thats everything that I did today if I think of more i will of course add it on. Night xx Continue reading chestTITScals

New Hair New me New attitude

06.02.19 There is nothing better than a day to yourself. Where I can sit in the hair salon get my hair done meet my friend after and her beautiful new puppy. Possible get my nails done (thinking red or pink) then a sprint class and legs at the gym later with my mum. I don’t think mum will ever understand how much fun beautifying yourself will be because she sees it more as a chore. All I want from today is to be left alone to allow myself to enjoy my day off instead of feeling stressed like last week. … Continue reading New Hair New me New attitude

Listening Tuesday

05/02/19 As the day has gone I started to feel more and more sick or not quiet right. Last night and tonight now I have had an off tsomatch but im sure i havnt eaaten anythingmajor. Time for a proper food diary now i guess theres no way around it any more. I really want to go outas well this friday and i wont let it stop me. I hsd the day off from the gym, listen to my body and go to bed tonight Update you tomrrow whilst im getting my hair done Night xx 05.02.19 Following on from … Continue reading Listening Tuesday

Monday Motivation

04.02.19 Not every Monday has to be a drag, felt like I cried so much last week I just got rid of all my negaivity for the month of February so this month should and will be only positive. This will be my last litle bit of how im feeling now for the rest of the week becuase there is nothing more to say than I’m happy. My workout today was before work so I could come home and fake tan twice and pop some fake freckles on. Tonight is also the first night I’m starving and craving anything snacky … Continue reading Monday Motivation

Back on it!

03/02/19 Sunday is my favourite day of the week. No alarm the morning, nice chilled breakfast with whatever I want, clean up a little bit before the gym then its chill time. The only downside to Sundays is that it goes way too fast and today was match day so didn’t get the full day with my man but that’s okay every once in a while ;). This week started pretty crappy but has ended pretty well. I got three workouts in this week finishing the week with HITT and Abs with maybe a quick walk after this blog goes … Continue reading Back on it!


02/02/19 Today was a Saturday so this should be my rest day but since I had most of the week off so far I thought I would pluck up the courage and try something different rather than my usual gym workouts. Step out my the comfort zone of my cycle class and tried sh’bam. A dancing class for a girl that has no rhythm at all. I have never felt so happy and uncomfortable in one class. When I first started the class I went right to the back in the corner and felt so shy like why the hell … Continue reading SH’BAM!