Ray of sunshine


You know what after today I feel so so much better from the beginning of the week my stomach has nearly settled now. I’ve got my head straight with the university and have realised I have done everything I can in order to give myself the best chance of starting my third year in nursing and if something happens I have ideas opportunities and another degree behind me so all I can do is relax this weekend not to stress. This week I know I will have only gone to the gym once but I’m okay with this. The problem that I find is because I work at a gym when I am really upset I can’t escape because all my friends and work colleges will see that I am and ask andI’ll start to cry all over again. This is probably to the only downfall to working in a gym but the positive is I’ve made amazing friends met loads of people and learnt a lot about training whilst I am there and they’ve always supported me as a student.

Back to the gym next week and back to some proper blogging as well, daily blogs are hard going for sure. Time for bed because I have work 8am on a Saturday morning ( feel sorry for me ). Night ❤

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