Starting on a high


Sunday is usually the day whenI go gym do a little bit of cardio and abs. But I’ve needed a mental break from work and the gym this weekend so I’ve taken a day off. Much needed one from how I’ve been feeling this week. I think waiting for results from university is slowly taking its toll on me making me more stressed than needed. So hopefully writing everything will help as I’m known to being useless of telling people how I feel. Maybe a bit of sun will cheer me up in Mexico (hint hint nath) hahaha. Anywho today was actually really nice had a long walk in Bradgate my favourite place where I live seeing all the deers and picking up my vegan protien from Womens best which I need to try out tomorrow.

Unfortunately, by the end of the night I thought I would snack on a few f**king rice cakes that in the ingredients don’t have milk but said underneath “the allergens in the product have changed. May contain milk, sesame seeds and soya”. So obviously after having three starting to feel ill and then couldn’t eat my dinner because I went off to be sick. It is so frustrating to feel that everything that I eat has to be double and triple checked. to tell people constantly that you can’t have this and that at restaurants, because of the huge bloating – that tbh makes me feel more embarrassed and self conscious than being sick. Unless you’ve had sudden intolerances or allergies, its hard to explain how it feels because lets be honest its kinda triva and I know it’s my fault for eating them – the rice cakes. But I honestly didn’t think I would be that sensitive to traces. For a good hour, I think it just put me down with the pain and the bloating mainly. But everything is a lesson learned and tbh it’s not like I’m choosing things to make me sick or choosing to cut certain foods out of my diet I’m being forced too (or least that’s how I feel). I kinda wish there was someone that is going through or been through the same thing as this like a later on allergy or something. Anyway tomorrow I will be going shopping for the both of us so I’m thinking of taking some time to write down what I want to eat for each meal and snack ideas. Keeping a list of foods I like and starting a writen food diary. It’s funny now when I’m not in pain that rice cakes are now the devils food for me and I’ll be snuggled up in bed tonight with my dates, pepermint tea and hot water bag and my human radiator watching titans. Maybe next sunday dinner I’ll be able to finsih 😉

Good night everyone will have to re-read this weekends blogs and add too becasue I havnt done nearly enough or even spoke about Alphalete.

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