Eat. Sleep. Tan. Train.

This week seems to have really drag but I can guarantee that tonight and tomorrow will fly by like usual. Today after work I decided to train again as I have missed two training session this week. After yesterday I still felt like doing more upper body and I bashed my leg into some towel cages on Friday and it killed so I think maybe give my legs a rest and do a little more upper body and lats today. Work was quiet so got a few admin bits done and dusted and just before the gym I had some protein ball (because I skipped lunch – just wasn’t hungry) and watched someone new on YouTube to motivate me Stephie Buttermore. She’s amazing defiantly a person I now follow.

Finished the day off with a nice walk with the man and a chines takeaway with the parents with a little of fake tan and a film. Tomorrow is date day so going to get to the gym early for some HITT training.

SS = Super set

Workout 3×10

  • Warm up: 5 minute rower
  • Rotator cuff warm up
  • Lying down row – on bench & Arnold press
  • Lat pull down single arm & Front and Lateral raise
  • Face pulls & Cable twists
  • Cable revers flys & Cable cross ski pulls
  • Assisted wide grip pull ups & leg lifts (3×20)

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