So I’ve had a little time off from blogging and I’m starting to feel a lot more motivated now and starting to put a routine together with my training finally after 2 weeks of being super inconsistent so for this blog, Monday and Tuesday it will b sort ones of food diary and workout. Food diary is not going so great right now.

Food Diary

  • Morning was fasted so my first meal was 13:30
  • Tofu, kidney beans, chicken chilli sauce wrap with sweet potatoe
  • Starbucks Mango lemonda tea
  • Pork sunday dinner
  • night time snack popcorn

Workout HITT and Abs

  • 30 minute LISS incline walk
  • Jumping Squats
  • Medicine ball slambs
  • Walking planks with tuck jumps
  • Single leg dead lift with high jump (one leg on floor at all times)
  • Butt ups
  • Toe touches
  • Reverse plank knee tucks
  • Corkscrew

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