My day off today and its been really nice having the day to my self except coming down with a cold for half the day feels like most of the day was a right off but I do feel so much better tonight. Went back to Fosse park to return few bits, dropped off towels at the RSPCA and did a leg workout with a nap to finish.

Food Dairy

  • Cheerios
  • Two chicken sandwiches
  • Popcorn
  • Cold and flu teas and a carton of apple juice
  • Pork burgers and oven veggies


  • Dumbbell straight leg dead lift
  • lunges
  • curtsey lunges
  • heavy deadlifts
  • split squats
  • cable squat walks – weight attached around the waist
  • donkey kicks and fireman pulses
  • one leg hip thrusts

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