Superset Leg day


Such a long day today at work, I felt like it kept dragging on and on. I started my workout at half 10 and I don’t finish work till half 8 tonight. I want to start taking my cut really seriously, so I have probably spent around £100 on shakes and pre workout and stuff.

Started the day off with leg day today and it felt so much better swapping my tuesday and wednesdays around, mightchnaged my mind tomrrow after the ache but hopefully wont feel too bad. After my wokrout today I went through a few different exercises to focas on my back. OMG some of them are hard but if i give them a go least I will look all toned up for my holiday. one month away !!!


  • Warm up: Cross trainer 10 minutes
  • Warm up weights: Low bar squats
  • SS: DStance straight leg and Curstey lunges
  • SS: bulgarian split squats and side squats
  • SS: hamstring curls and jackknife
  • SS: pull throughs and narrow stance cable squats


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