Fajitas and 5km


Ohw wow it is freezing here tonight in the UK and after my run today after work all i want to do is snuggle up into bed. Felt like I was flying today when running listened to Ricky Martin and JLo and I was in the mood. I did my usually fun run in 30 minutes I never change the speed of my run maybe I should now start to increase. Not sure how accurate it is but the machine says I burnt 370 calories. Decied after last week I was going to swap my Wednesday and Tuesday around so I wont have DOM’s for half the week. I’m absoultey shattered now and nearly forgot to do my blog for tonight as well, trying to keep this up for 66 days which I’mpretty impressed with myself I’m already on day 22 ! This Saturday I will be posting about my absoulte favourite workout gear right now as I have two new pair of leggings and they feel like such a dream.

No workout plans for tonight or any nice recipes as I have cereal, baked potatoe and fajitas tonight. Already have Chilli ready for tomrrow. All I know is its the last week of my boyfriends bulk so that mens chinese on a friday ❤

Night everyone xoxo


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