Sunday Fun Day

13/01/2019 Sunday fun day without the walkies and Starbucks. More of a Sunday clean up, cook and food shop kinda day. Don’t know why it has been super busy today but I’m currently in bed watching The Lion King and editing everything that was uploaded on here through the week. This morning I did my usual fasting before doing some LISS. The low-intensity cardio workout was; incline treadmill walk the highest incline at 15 and fast walk at 5kph for 45 minutes. I finished off today’s cardio session with some ladder drills and abs that I’ve never done before I … Continue reading Sunday Fun Day

Gymshark Gymwear

12/01/2019 Saturday comes and goes way too fast but I do love a good pamper session. Boyfriend is at the football so it means all the peace and quiet for a good couple of hours to have facemasks, lush bath and wash my hair. So last week I talk about my diet and how I’m slowly changing it because of my recent known allergy to dairy, eggs and other foods. The one thing that has made me really excited now is the vegan option at M&S which I saw on a friends Instagram makes me very happy because I’ve missed … Continue reading Gymshark Gymwear

Not my best Day with a bit of back

10/01/2019 Having one of those days when someone breathing could irritate you, but I did perk up at 7 pm, an hour before my shift finished so might have something to do with that. Anywho I’ve tracked my food for today and did better than yesterday but worse with water so give it another go. Had tofu and toast this morning and mushroom soup in the day. Workout Warmup: Rower 10 minutes Rotator cuff warm as usual – I do this every time I do upper body see last Tuesday 😉 Arnold Press Reverse Dumbell Flys on a incline bench … Continue reading Not my best Day with a bit of back

Lululemon Legs

04.01.2019 Straight after work I got a workout in and focused on isolation exercises for glutes. I have part of the workout on my instagram that Ill link below but I should figure out tomrrow how to add phots and videos. If anyone can help me or give me tips on how to add photos from a MAC, beacuse I still have no clue. Motivation for today came from my new pair of Lululemons the grey camo full length wunder under leggings. Ive wanted them for so long after seeing my inspo Brittany Perille – I will get her back … Continue reading Lululemon Legs

Tricep Thursday

03.01.2019 Long day to day at work but was able to get a upper body workout in just before work. My meals have been alot better today and water in take as Ive downloaded the app Lifesum, If any one has any suggestions of another app let me know because I’m thinkning of paying for the premium app to helpwith my new diagnosed allergy to milk and eggs (laughs sarcastically). Tomorrow is leg day again and Im still killing from Tuesdays leg day and cardio yesterday as well as my abs so Im unsure what Ill do tomorrow but after … Continue reading Tricep Thursday